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This is CRAZY!

Slip and Fly video…you won’t believe this happened.

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The State of the Economy

Okay…Okay…I’m very aware I have been remiss in posting the last few days but it all has to do with the state of the economy and trying to sell my Boston Whaler Revenge.

Whaler 1

There are ads in the Boat Trader. Cost $99.00 for six weeks online and in their weekly magazine. Results so far…three inquiries. Returned replies, sent extra photos. No follow up from the tire kickers. Ad in eBay for the third time. Several inquiries mostly scammers as noted in previous posts.

Run ads twice a week on Craigslist. This has brought the biggest response but only one person actually showed up to look at the boat which equals the number of people who have stopped in off the street because the noticed the For Sale sign. The boat is on its trailer in the driveway and clearly visible from the road. Yesterday I got a girl (for the second time) wanting to know if I’d trade for a ’66 Mustang. NO, I WANT THE CASH!

Then I got a call from someone in Miami who wanted to know if I’d trade for a dump truck they have in Panama. NO, I WANT THE CASH!

Today I got a letter from a retired Navy guy who lives in Panama looking for a boat to fish with. It would be funny if that’s who actually ended up buying the thing.

It’s pitiful that the big economic news yesterday was that there were only a quarter of a million jobs lost in July and that’s supposed to be good news since it wasn’t as many as had been feared. Gee-Zuss!

The state of the economy right now is so bad I don’t think you could sell one hundred dollar bills for sixty bucks!


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