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I Love The Offbeat

I’ve always loved the offbeat and the eccentric. I’ve had a lot of unachieved weird adventure ideas. For instance instead of riding a bicycle across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, why not do it on a moped? Back in 1975 when I was bringing a 51′ sailboat down the Mississippi river we ran across a couple of young guys who had bought a Sears & Roebuck aluminum john boat in Minneapolis and were rowing down to New Orleans. We caught up with their adventure at a marina in Arkansas. The pair were pushing on hard every day trying to catch up with a mythical pair of women who were supposed to only be a couple of days ahead of them in a canoe. There were no girls, of course, but it was a thousand mile long running joke on the lads kept alive by people who were able to out pace them. Everywhere they went people told them “Oh yes, the girls were here a couple of days ago. You should be catching up with them any time now. But you have to admire their adventure.

Today I came across this item in Tiny Home Journal. It’s the story about Bernie Harbarts who has spent the last 13 months in his second trans-continental trek across America in a mule drawn tiny house.

Mule Wagon

I lived on a small sailboat for over five years, and this wagon is much smaller, but you have to admire the man’s sense of adventure.

Read the whole story here: http://tinyhouseblog.com/pre-fab/mule-drawn-tiny-home/


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