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Dodged Storms This Time

Well, it looks like we dodged Ana and Bill.

Ana looks as though she’s going well south of us:


And Bill is curving to the north which means there’s the possibility it might bother North Carolina yet and projected to be a Category 3 Hurricane with sustained winds of 111-130 mph it could be serious.


These storms can pop up overnight. Tropical Storm Claudette wasn’t on the screen when I posted yesterday but there it is now. All these storms lose intensity quickly when they hit land and while Claudette won’t cause much wind damage, it is dragging a lot of rain along with it, so look for stories of flooding in the next few days on the t.v.



While south Florida avoided Ana, it will slide into the Gulf of Mexico and with the warm waters there, which feed the storms there’s a good possibility it will grow into a hurricane before slamming into the coast somewhere and kicking some serious ass.

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