Confessions of a Long-Distance Sailor

As I do every afternoon I took my old bitch for a walk. Don’t get wrinkled…I have an 18 year old female dog that I rescued from the puppy prison 17 years ago. She’s only got one speed, slow ahead and I use the time to listen to either an audio book I’ve downloaded from or one of the podcasts on

Today I started listening to Podcast #69, an interview with Paul Lutus. Paul was a computer nerd who wrote the original Apple Writer program, made scads of money and then, without any prior sailing experience bought a boat and sailed around the world. Naturally he wrote about it, but was unable to get it into print since publishers aren’t keen on sailing books that historically don’t sell well. However, Paul formated his book and it is available FREE online at this location:

Don’t get confused when you go to the page because there are two downloads you have to pay for. Scroll down to the NOTES and you will see Download “Confessions” in ZIP form (1.3 MB) for offline reading. I’ve just finished the first chapter and it’s a pretty decent read.

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