Cadillac Records: The Story of Chess

If you’re a fan of early blues then Cadillac Records is a movie you must see.

It’s the story of Chess Records, a small recording studio run by Leonard Chess (Adrian Brody) in the 1950s. The movie spotlights Chess’s artists Muddy Waters (Keffery Wright), Little Walter (Columbus Short), Howlin’ Wolf (Eamonn Walker) , Chuck Berry (Mos Def) and the great Etta James (Beyonce Knowles). Cedric the Entertainer plays Willie Dixon who wrote a ton of hits. All of these real characters are honored in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The movie doesn’t stint on the music playing the songs from first note to last instead of snippets as in so many movies. Songs like I’m a Man, Mabelline, Nadine, I Would Rather Go Blind.

If you have access to HBO on demand there are a lot worse ways to spend a couple of hours.

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  1. No HBO, but dvd rental a good next step. Thanks for the tip – hadn’t heard of the movie.