Does This Have A Future?

For years there has been a lot of talk about supplementing ship propulsion systems with wind power. A lot of  different solutions have been proposed, primarily along lines of adding masts and sails and some ships have actually been fitted out for experimental purposes. While undoubtedly a good idea in theory, these schemes make a splash in the press and then disappear.

Browsing around the  web this morning I ran across this interesting concept. While it’s doubtful that it would be of any use to Panamax (the largest size capable of transiting the Panama Canal locks) and Post Panamax ships (ships too large for the Canal at present) it might be useful on smaller commercial craft and larger fishing trawlers.

This is probably the last you’ll ever see of this idea.


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  1. Hmmmmm……

    Well. It would be great, eh?

    I’m not scientifically or technically knowledgeable enough to really comment on the system, but I thought of three things while watching:

    1 – Wouldn’t you be limited to running downwind? (Answered in the video)

    2 – Yea, well, I remember a few times of trying to get a spinnaker down.

    3 – And I have a number of friends who’ve had the way cool experience of having their electric furlers seize up in rising winds and high seas.

    Me, I’d keep a knife handy 😉

    I really don’t expect to see these all over the horizon riding northwards on the Gulf Stream any time soon. Actually I don’t ever expect to see one anywhere.

    Just confirms the old quote: “Every man has a million dollar idea that wont work.”