Being Recognized

One place I check online a couple of times a day is the stats section of this blog. The interesting part of the stats is that it shows the location people use to click onto my blog. This evening I found two people had clicked through to me from something called “boat” Naturally I clicked on them to find out why since I have no known connection to them and found out that according to Boat I’m one of the “50 Must Read Boating Blogs” listed under their section called “Inspiration.” Their web page says, “Some blogs indulge their audiences with gorgeous photos, thoughtful meditations on boating life, humorous takes on maritime adventures, or some combination. Not always easily categorized, they’re still well worth your attention. Messing About in Boats, Tugster, Sea Fever, and OldSalt1942 fall into this category.”

Good strokes to the ego.


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2 responses to “Being Recognized

  1. Good for you! I must say I agree with their assessment – glad to see you getting such recognition.

    Thanks, Linda. I was quite surprised, actually.

  2. thanks for the info. i agree . . . good to be recognized. cheers.