The 100 Most Common Words

Take this test…it’s harder than you’d think…

I got 36. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it made me feel fairly dumb.

There’s a ton of other quizzes here:


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3 responses to “The 100 Most Common Words

  1. that site is dangerous… I spent far too much time testing out some of the other games there as well.

    the 100 words one was weird – mostly just tiny fill-in type words. not was I expected. I sent that one on to my sister, though – she’s an English teacher, so I expect her to ace it!


    Bet she doesn’t…I used to write for a living and couldn’t come up with any more than I did in the time limit. But I know what you mean about getting sucked into the site. I wasted a couple of hours there, too.

  2. That’s harder than I thought. I got 50, but almost none the last two minutes.

    Most of the words on the list are nearly “invisible” words – conjunctions, pronouns and such. From that perspective, the top 100 make sense – they’re the glue that hold things together.


    It sure stumped me. I thought I’d do a LOT better than I actually did. However, I didn’t see vacillatory anywhere.