Crazy People On The Water

Pumpkins aren’t just for pie anymore…

I’m pretty sure these people are genetically linked to Puddle Duck Racers.

Read all about the Pumpkin Regatta here:


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3 responses to “Crazy People On The Water

  1. Good gosh – they’re REAL pumpkins. I thought they’d be inflatable or something. Aren’t people wonderfully crazy?

  2. Oh wow, I just discovered your blog through Ruth’s Syn-chro-ni-sing, and your floating pumpkin photos are just as amazing as the video about how to open a bottle of wine. I’m French but I’d never heard of this before. But then, every French household has a cork screw!

    I once was a boatie (haven’t sailed in a long time though) so am really enjoying your blog. Cheers

    Bienvenue a mon blog, Nathalie. I look forward to digging into your blog as well. As you will discover as you get into mine, I lived in France for nearly three years down in Antibes. That was back in ’89-’91 and there are things I still miss about your country. Having had the opportunity to live there was one of the great treasures of my life.

  3. Well look at this. My dear Nathalie is here! as well as Linda, whom I expected and am also happy to see.

    I agree, the wine opening video was extraordinary! Those French.

    What a totally fascinating progression of circumstances you described at my blog naming post! Every day lived within that must have been unlike the last. You reminded me of my ex-brother-in-law, who sold his boat, which he lived on, when he married my sister. They ended up buying a lot of real estate, and well, I’m afraid that is one piece of what led them to fall apart from each other.

    Thank you for your very kind visit. You have a fantastic blog.

    I have to say I’ve been enjoying your blog a great deal. I really look forward to each of Linda’s new posts. One of the most literary blogs I read. I’ve been delving into Nathalie’s blog, too. I only drove through Avignon once and didn’t even stop. Though I lived in France for nearly three years I didn’t see that much of the country. I had a job that pretty much kept me nailed down though my French girlfriend and I did take one trip up to Etretat on the English Channel (La Manche). The upside of being tied down is that I REALLY KNOW the area I lived in. From Cannes to Ville Franche was HOME. I know the back roads and little, out of the way places to stop for a good home cooked meal or a friendly glass of pastis. From St. Tropez to Menton I know a little less well, but still was able to navigate my way around if not like a native at least a lot better than a tourist.