Learning Something New

It’s a bad, sad day when you don’t learn something new…

Today I learned you can’t wash your cell phone at the laundrymat.


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2 responses to “Learning Something New

  1. You know, I learned once that you shouldn’t stow someone’s $200 sunglasses in a shirt pocket and then lean over to tie off a dock line.

    The nice thing is, when things fall straight down the divers can find them real easy ….

  2. My samsung recently fell in the bilge . . . holding water only thank goodness. I retrieved it, opened it, left it lying out for a few days, but it back together and could not believe it! A month later I’m still using it!

    Thanks for stopping by Bayou Woman. Looks like we were in the oilfield around the same time. I haven’t even gotten to the part yet where I worked on crewboats!!! Thanks for letting me know you were there and about your blog. I’ll be back when I have more time to browse and read. I see you like video.

    One more thing, what tag came up on your surfer that led you to my blog post?

    Bayou Woman