Fighting The Urge

Every couple of weeks I take the bus to Bugaba to visit this cigar factory to get my supply of nicotine.

(Photo from Don Ray’s fine

It sits up a fairly steep grade out of downtown Bugaba on the road to Volcan and Cerro Punta, so I ride the bus up to the factory and then walk back down into the town simply because I like the exercise, saying hello to the residents who live beside the sidewalk and, well, just because I like walking down the hill.

On the way there is a bar I pass that’s closed in the mornings. It’s the bar’s door that tugs at the imp hidden away inside me.

There are two rather substantial padlocks that secure the door.

The dark side of my soul wants to buy a lock just like those two, fix it to the door and keep the key.

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One response to “Fighting The Urge

  1. That’s just bad. Funny, but bad. 😉

    One question – doesn’t anyone there have a hacksaw or bolt cutters? Maybe there are two to slow down anyone who wanted to get in enough for someone to notice. (I’ve been living in Houston too long, I guess…)