The $16.25 Divorce, a Tale of Seduction and an Afterword (Part 3)

There’s an interesting coincidence connecting three of my exes, and I’m not sure why it happens, but…

A couple of years after our divorce my ex wife Brenda returned to Missouri, found religion and married a fundamentalist preacher known as “Reverend Bob.”

When I took the job in France I wrote to our college’s alumni magazine to let my former classmates know that I was living on a mult-million dollar yacht on the French Riviera. A few months later I got a letter from Brenda (with no return address) that said she was glad to know that I had been able to achieve my dreams.

Carey returned to college, got a Master’s Degree in social work, moved to California, became a Moonie and got married in one of those mass weddings.

I’ve had some near-psychic experiences in my life. A couple of years after I’d moved to New Orleans I had a dream about Carey. In the dream she had come to New Orleans and said she wanted to marry me and that we should go back to Chicago together. I told her, in the dream, that I loved New Orleans, was making friends there and our time had passed. Believe it or not, two days later Carey called me on the phone and asked if she could come down and visit me. I told her of the dream and said I didn’t think it was a good idea at that time.

About a year later she called again saying she was moving to California and could she come down, now, before she left. I agreed and she arrived a week before Mardi Gras and got to see some of the evening parades. We had a great time together. The afternoon she was scheduled to return to Chicago we were getting ready to leave my apartment in the Garden District to take her to the train station when one of our favorite songs came on the radio…

We fell into each other’s arms, danced holding each other tightly and let the tears flow freely mourning for the things we had shared, the things we had lost and the things that would never be. When the song was over I picked up her bags and took her to the train station.

My most recent ex, whew, what to say? She will remain anonymous. She was a heavy drinker. Loved booze more than she loved me. Had two DUIs within a year and lost her license for five years. But it didn’t stop her from driving and it didn’t stop her from driving drunk. Less than a week before she was to get her license back she totaled her car, took off and filed a false police report saying the car had been stolen.

When I met her she’d been married seven times. I told her I would never ask her to marry me because I refused to be “Henry the Eighth.” Since we separated she’s married twice more. She worked for about a year for an escort service. The last I heard from her she and her, then, current husband had moved to the other side of the state. She said she’d stopped drinking and hadn’t had a drink for almost two years and she attended church every Sunday. When our phone call was interrupted by call waiting she asked if I wanted her phone number so I could call her back. I said, “no,” and clicked off.

Three exes who “found religion” after their association with me. I don’t believe I’m such a horrible guy that they somehow need to atone for knowing me. But who knows?

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