Daily Archives: May 16, 2010

The Face of a Mountain

To the north of the house in Potrerillos is the continental divide. Though I can’t see Panama’s tallest peak, Volcan Baru, that tops out at 11,398 feet from the back porch there is part of the cordillera that is spectacular enough. The house dog, Charlotte, started barking at ghosts as soon as it was light enough to see and I started to take pictures of the mountain as the day progressed. Clear at first as things warmed up clouds started forming changing the look of the face of the mountain. Now at 6:47 it’s too dark to take any more pictures but the clouds tower over the tree line in back and a black sliver of the mountain rises above that.

It rained for about three hours and when it was done I had to put on my blue jeans and a sweatshirt it had cooled down so much.

And, a cute young girl with her kids came to count us for the census. When it was over they gave each of us a pass so we could legally leave the house and they affixed this to the house to prove we’d been counted.


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