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Lower Standards In Panama?

I’m not much of a drinker of alcoholic beverages like I used to be, but I do enjoy a cold beer on a hot day. I also enjoy a good single-malt Irish Whiskey. Yes, there is such a thing, it isn’t just the Scots who do it. I also enjoy visiting micro-breweries and have had some wonderful concoctions. There was a micro in Fort Lauderdale years ago that made an oatmeal beer that was one of the best brews I’ve ever downed.

I’m a big supporter of locally-brewed beers, too. When I was cruising on my lamented Nancy Dawson I drank the local suds in Belize and Guatemala. In Belize you could get Belikan, Belikan Light and Belikan Stout. Guatemala had Gallo, Gallo Light and Gallo Stout. Fortunately they weren’t bad beers and on a sweltering day they were just the ticket.

I also likeĀ  imported beers. In the States when I would eat out at Japanese restaurants I’d always have a Kirin or an Ichi-ban and at my favorite greasy-spoon Mexican place in Fort Lauderdale, Jalisco, I’d have a Tecate with a little lime wedge on the side. Corona is much to watery for my taste.

Here in Panama the local beers are quite pleasing to my palate. In order of preference I drink Balboa, Panama, Atlas and as a last resort Soberana.

In the States the quality of the imported beers is quite high…Heineken (though a Heineken in Europe doesn’t taste like a Heineken in the States) Polar, Kilik from the Bahamas, you get my drift. Now, if you go to the fancy watering holes in Panama City you can get the finer imported beers and though I haven’t patronized any of the better establishments here in Chiriqui I suppose they’re available, too.

But while out walking the other day I saw THIS on the side of the road. An “imported” beer from the States that makes me wonder if the standards for imported beer are lower here in Panama than they are in the United States.


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