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Best Of Luck, Frank!

When I first started investigating the possibility of moving to Panama a couple of years ago a mutual friend put me in touch with Frank Hilson and his wife Joyce. They live in Sebastian, Florida, but also own a house in Balboa. We met in Florida and they encouraged me to go through with the immigration process. Last year, just after I got my Pensionado, I spent nearly a week with Frank at his home at the foot of the Bridge of the Americas. At that time I’d only met Frank that one time in person but we’d kept up a long email correspondence. Joyce was in the States when I visited. I can honestly say that there is no more gracious host anywhere in the world than Frank Hilson.

This is Frank when he took me to the top of Ancon Hill last year.

Recently Frank underwent surgery for cancer. I don’t think any of his friends knew of this before it happened. I’d visited with Frank and Joyce back in May when I made my final move to the Republic. There wasn’t a hint of anything wrong.

They’ve been trying to sell their house here. Not to move away from Panama but to move on to something different here. After all, an eight-bedroom house IS a bit to take care of. I’ve written about it twice on this blog hoping someone might be interested. A few days ago Frank and Joyce were back in Balboa and it seems as though they are on the verge of actually finalizing a sale.

They returned to the States yesterday. Frank is about to start chemo treatments. YUCK! I wouldn’t wish those on my worst enemy, let alone a nice guy like Frank. I know it’s got to be done, but STILL.

I know you read this blog regularly, Frank, and though I’ve posted this before I’m doing it again hoping to put a smile on your face:

Good luck, buddy.


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