This Explains A Lot

In an internet story “Ten Candidate Connections That May Surprise you, it was revealed that Delaware Senate candidate and aspiring witch Christine O’Donnell

is the daughter of Daniel O’Donnell, a T.V. actor who once played Bozo the Clown. Actually, that shouldn’t be a big surprise since she is a Tea Patootie Bozo incarnate.

The resemblance is uncanny.

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One response to “This Explains A Lot

  1. Do you know, I had a Bozo the Clown nightlight when I was a wee thing. Also one of those crazy things that were weighted in the bottom so you could “bop” them and they’d pop back up.

    Now – here’s your other odd fact. Before “Green Eggs and Ham” and other such delights, Dr. Seuss was also the creator of Gerald McBoingBoing. I had a phonograph record… Red vinyl, as I recall, and it played on a little record player that looked like a doll suitcase 😉

    Some of our politicians sound like Gerald McBoingBoing, now that I think of it.