Ants On The Move

One late afternoon last week while walking down the driveway to lock the gate for the evening I came across a huge line of very large black ants crossing from one side of he drive to the other. Massive, uncountable  numbers on the move and obviously on a mission.

Sunday night the National Geographic Channel premiered a new series called “Grand Migrations.” One segment was about Army Ants in Costa Rica and it seemed very similar to what I had witnessed a couple of days earlier. We are, after all, only a few miles from the border with Costa Rica so these were probably Army Ants as well. In the t.v. series it seemed the column of ants covered a wide area while the column here was quite orderly and only about three inches wide.

Yesterday, the day after watching the ants on the tube, as I went to deposit a bag of trash in the bin out on the car port when I turned the corner of the house the entire area was covered with migrating ants.

They came out of the grass on the east side of the house and streamed down the 55′-long rain gutter to the west side

where they made a left hand turn onto the 25’X6′ walkway along side the house

and then performed a column right onto the 12′ X 6′ covered walkway to the carport

and then spread out to cover the entire floor of the18′ X 12′ carport.

They were moving with purpose. Picture the entire concrete area in the last three photos a seething, moving carpet of large, black ants.

I didn’t run for my camera to capture this stomach-turning and frightening sight but for a can of poison instead. After my genocidal application of chemical death from above I hadn’t stopped the march but did manage to divert it to the the rain gutter that runs around the house and behind the storage room at the back of the carport. This accomplished I then got out my video camera and recorded the following:

The migration continued into the night and with morning’s light it was as if they had never been here.  I have no idea where they ended up


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2 responses to “Ants On The Move

  1. Hi Richard:

    From up above, the ants looked like reindeer on the move. Great video. You are a good nature observer.

    Take Care,


    Thanks for your comment, Omar. As the eminently quotable Yogi Berra once noted, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

  2. I rarely engage in OMG, but… OMG.

    I lived around those critters in Liberia, and you’d better believe they are nothing to trifle with. We’d see them in columns two feet across, roiling down the road with an obvious swagger. If they headed for your house, you got every living thing out of there and took off. They had eaten the dogs, birds and other more exotic pets of folks who either didn’t understand the threat or just weren’t around to take precautions. Coming home to a pile of bones in your pet’s cage isn’t exactly something to hope for. Oh – and be sure you pick up the baby, too. 😦

    The good news is that if they did come through, the lizards, roaches, etc. were all gone.

    A slightly grisly side note. One of the more effective battle techniques among the bush tribes was to take a captured enemy and stake him down in the path of an ant column.

    Gives me the creeps just to think about them again.