The 2010 Election

Since yesterday morning I’ve felt a big rant growing inside me. I’ve started, and rejected, several posts on the recently held election. I want to, but just can’t get it right so I’ve reduced it to this. . .

What the hell is WRONG with you people? Gee Zus!!!

To say I am disappointed in the American electorate is a gross understatement. Thankfully I escaped the asylum in the nick of time.


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2 responses to “The 2010 Election

  1. Hi Richard:

    I’m happy that you are using the Internet. I thought you were having problems getting a ISP. It’s nice to hear from you again.

    Take Care,


    Never left, Omar, but with three straight days of non-stop rain not much to write about.

  2. What? More rain? Send some north, ‘k? We’re edging closer to drought than I like to see at this time of year.

    Good ole Texas…the only place on earth you can stand in mud up to your chin and have sand blow in your eyes.