Words To Live By

Shamelessly stolen from Boat Bits who undoubtedly ripped it off from some other location but certainly words to live by.


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One response to “Words To Live By

  1. THIS is absolutely wonderful. I still remember the first time I tore off a “do not remove this label” tag on a pillow. I was sure the cops were going to show up before sunset.

    Boating lives by this attitude, as you know. Well, at least the good boaters do. The really bad boaters who try to live as checkbook mechanics end up like that dude with the boat in your previous post!

    Being able to do things yourself makes all the difference in the world. I can’t begin to count all the cruising stories and blogs I’ve read where people on sailboats had their cruises brought to a sudden halt because their engines stopped working and they couldn’t repair them on their own. Well, here’s a news flash…it’s a friggin’ SAILBOAT. Sail it!