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Learning Curves Can Cost Ya!

As my readers know the house here in Boquerón doesn’t have an internet connection so I got a USB modem so I could stay connected. I signed on to a 2 gig plan meaning I can up/download two gigs of information each month.

After two weeks I couldn’t sign on any longer. There were all kinds of theories as to why. One was that Cable and Wireless hadn’t been paid, but a quick check while signed on from the Info Plaza showed this not to be the case. Then it was thought that perhaps in disconnecting the modem without first having clicked the tiny, microscopic icon one is supposed to use to safely remove such things as modems and thumb drives. This, too, wasn’t the problem.

On the sixth day with no connection from the house I went with the modem to my agent who happened to be on the phone with the C&W people in Panama City who said that I had gone way over the monthly limit and had racked up 1.35 gigs of overtime to the tune of $138.76! I couldn’t believe it, and though I’ve been playing around with computers since 1995 I learned a heap yesterday.

Most of the blogs I like to follow daily are extremely photo intensive and most of them aren’t “compressed” so they gobble up a lot of megabytes each time I click on one. Bummer. Things like Yahoo and MSN Hotmail are compressed and don’t jack up the usage at nearly the same rate. But still, I had downloaded a bit over half of my monthly allotment in just two weeks of use.

What really killed me was posting to this blog. I, too, like to post a lot of photos and since they aren’t “compressed” you can almost hear the meter running. Just two of my most recent post chalked up half a gig alone. Reluctantly I went to the C&W main office in David and forked over the dough and have rethought how I will have to approach my internet experience until I get back to Potrerillos where I’m not limited in my usage.

In the past and even here using the Info Plaza I would go to the sites I like, copy them and past them into a Word document and place it in a folder marked “Read Later.” The only disadvantage to that is on blogs I’m not able to make comments immediately. For news items and such it doesn’t matter.

So, I can’t use my modem until the middle of December and will have to rely on the Info Plaza for posting new items to my blog. I’ll just have to write my posts at home first and paste them from the Plaza restricting my home usage to emails as much as possible.


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