The Difference Half A Century Makes

I LOVE the dawn. Seeing the world wake up. Listening to the roosters calling up here on the side of the mountain in Panama.

When I was 18 I used to stay up all night so I could see the dawn. At 68 I turn in early so I can wake up and see it.

I KNOW I posted this video before but I like it.

The dawn is such a precious thing there are several words in the Spanish language for it: La Alba, La Madrugada describe the time and amanecer describes the process of the dawn.

Of the two words, La Alba is used most often in poetry.

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One response to “The Difference Half A Century Makes

  1. What a great post! I actually used the phrase La Madrugada in a post. Now I can’t remember which one – I need to find it. What interested me was that once again that phrase did what nothing in English could do. And I love the videos.

    I wonder what it is about staying up all night that was so appealing? We all did it, that’s for sure. Now, I’m equally a fan of sunset and sunrise. I suppose it’s the transition I like, no matter which direction it’s going. And the birds are especially nice at those times, talking to one another as they wake up and head for their nightime perch.

    I’m nearly through your book, and will be doing a review when I finish. I thought it might be good to spread them out a bit, anyhow, rather than having them all clumped up.