Panama’s Seasons

Basically there are two seasons in Panama. The “Rainy Season” and the “Dry Season.”

They look like this:

Rainy Season

Filmed last May

Dry Season

Filmed Today

Well, to be fair it hasn’t rained here in over a week.

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One response to “Panama’s Seasons

  1. We’ll take any of that extra rain you’d like to send this way. The drought is a lot more widespread than anyone cares to see – especially since drought season is supposed to be a couple of months away.

    Me, I’m discombobulated with the time change. Does Panama do that foolishness, too? Since I work with the sun it really doesn’t make any difference, except that I have to adjust for people who still think clocks and schedules are a good idea.

    Personally, I always LIKED daylight savings time. But then again lots of people think I’m just plain weird.

    No, they don’t do daylight savings here in Panama because there’s no need. As you probably know, on the equator the day is almost evenly divided with twelve hours of day and 12 hours of night. Here in Panama we’re only 8 degrees north of the equator so sunrise and sunset only varies by about a half hour over the course of a year.

    Besides the cold and snow the thing that blew my Boqueron neighbor away on his December trip to the States was how early the sun set and how late it rose in the morning. Here, both happen around 6 or 6:30.