New Songs From Playing For Change

Playing For Change (Peace Through Music) that puts together the most wonderful music videos combining musicians from all over the world has release a new CD and it’s as great as their first.

There are many familiar faces on the new videos like Grandpa Elliot, Washboard Chaz,  and Roger Ridley, but a lot of new faces and locations. Sadly, Roger Ridley who starts of this song and the one that captured the world, “Stand By Me,” died November 16, 2005.

It is my firm belief that with such songs as “Redemption Song” and “One Love” that Bob Marley was truly a Holy Man and prophet.


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2 responses to “New Songs From Playing For Change

  1. Hello Richard:

    Thank your for sharing this wonderful music. It’s a breath of fresh air amongst the noise pollution of our city. The string instruments are still vibrating inside my ears. It was a wonderful experience listening to these musicians.



    So glad I could brighten your day, amigo. I absolutely love the whole Playing For Change concept. I remember being totally blown away the first time I saw the “Stand By Me” video. What’s really fantastic about them is they can be appreciated by everyone even if they don’t understand the words. I showed “Stand By Me” and “One Love” to the girls who run the Infoplaza in Boqueron, neither of whom speak English. They were so take by them that they were showing them to others in the Infoplaza who also didn’t speak English so that says a lot for the impact these videos have on people. As the producers of the videos say “Peace Through Music.”

  2. Every time you bring us some Playing for Change, I’m happy. Grandpa Elliott’s one of my favorites – partly because my mother’s dad was my Grandpa Elliott! He did a lot of things in his life, but when mom was a kid he refinished woodwork in houses – she’d sand and strip, and he’d varnish. Maybe these things do skip generations.

    The only tune here I wasn’t so fond of is Three Little Birds, but that’s only because I’m such a fan of Bob Marley’s version. There’s a drop-dead video to go with it on youtube – every time I need a pick-me-up I go here and watch it.

    Happy 4th, by the way. I have some brisket a friend smoked and some homemade potato salad. A little peach cobbler ought to finish things off just right!

    Your own, personal Grandpa Elliot, how cool.

    The Playing For Change version of Three Little Birds wasn’t my favorite, either, but like you say, it’s just because covers most often don’t live up to the original but I think it was interesting, nevertheless.

    Have a great Fourth your own self, too.