Sunday Sunrise

Heavily overcast and certainly no drama today.

Recently I’ve been wondering whatever happened to the parrots. Last year they would be flying and squawking as they flew off in the mornings towards the rising sun, but this year it has been silent…until this morning. Where do parrots go for their vacations?

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  1. Overcast here, too – with an absolutely dramatic forecast of a 60% chance of rain on Tuesday. Poor, drought-stricken us are pretty excited.

    I wonder if the parrots have been there, but just quiet. There are two months here when you never hear a bird – bluejays, cardinals, etc.. Then, they start again. November-January can be a little weird in the woods, with that absolute silence.

    I’ve been wondering lately about the parrots and wondering why they hadn’t been around. They absolutely don’t fly quietly. And then, this morning, there they were.

    Over in France, in the Gorge du Loup (Valley of the Wolf) when you walked around in the woods it was absolutely silent, too. No birds at all. My friend Cheshire Bill concluded it was because the Frogs had eaten them all. Well, either that, or the devastating forest fires they’d had for a couple of years running which might have wiped out all the nests.