Monday Sunrise

A little more color today. Perhaps because the Patriots, the team of my childhood handed the evil Jets their asses last night. Or it might have been my loved Saints pulling it out in OT to beat the Falcons, or perhaps, even, for the formerly 0-7 Dolphins beating the Redskins for a two-game winning streak. Who knows?

Only four more to go.

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One response to “Monday Sunrise

  1. Wow! A lavender sunrise? I’ve never seen one of those that I recall!

    Now, granted, I haven’t had my coffee yet, but something just occurred to me – even after you’re gone from your mountain home, the sun will keep rising!

    And it will long after the human race has vanished, too. The sunrise in Boqueron, though, isn’t as nice coming up over the mountains as it is here in Potrerillos Arriba. On the other hand, the sunsets are better. Here on the mountain the west is hidden by a tree line. In Boqueron, sitting on the front porch I’ll be facing west.