Twofer Tuesday

When I got the idea to document my last week of sunrises, +1, here on the mountain in Potrerillos Arriba, this is the kind of morning I’d been hoping for. So far the sunrises haven’t been as glorious as they often are here, but this morning didn’t disappoint me. It was so good, in fact that I have to give you two shots instead of just one.

It started off like this:

And ended up like this:


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2 responses to “Twofer Tuesday

  1. Oh, my! Yes! Wonderful. And how nice that you included both photos. Seeing the changes really is the essence of sunrise and sunset watching, and this change was great.

    This was definitely a good one. And as I sit on the front porch with my mug of Finca Ruiz cafe it’s grand to watch the sky change by the second. I have to say I’ve been disappointed the last few days. Simply a lightening of the sky as the sun comes up over the mountains. Nothing to take your breath away but this morning was one of those “WOW!” kinds of day.

  2. Hello Richard:

    The colors are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing Nature at its best.


    Wasn’t that a great one, Omar? Makes you glad to be alive. I only have two more where It’ll be just me and the dog. The last sunrise I’ll have here will be Friday, but the owners will be here then.