Mi Libro en Español

Last night the English Department of the Universidad Latina in David held an event to honor the authors who wrote the books that students translated as a requisite for graduation. I was one of the authors. Before the event Stephany Michell Peñaloza, who translated the first half of my book Despair! The Ill-Fated Last Voyage of the Admiral of the Ocean Sea, presented me with a bound copy of her portion of the book. She received a grade of 100 for her work!

This is Stephany:

She’s as smart as she is beautiful.

I know they say “pride goeth before a fall,” but I think this is pretty damned cool!!!

I don’t know what happened with the other girl, Deyreth, who was translating the other half of the book and Stephany either didn’t know or wouldn’t say. I stayed up late into the night when I got home reading the book.  While it was, of course, in Spanish, I didn’t have a problem reading it because I knew what it said, anyway. It was just neat seeing it in another language.

The event was kind of funny. While it was for the School of English I was stuck at a table with nine people who didn’t speak a word of the language and my meager Spanish was pushed to the breaking point. One of the gentlemen at the table coined a new word, I believe. David is the capitol city of the Province of Chiriqui. Chiriqui is a unique place and I truly believe if the people here had a choice they would choose to be their own independent country.

The residents of the province are referred to as “Chiricanos.” This one gentleman, whose name I don’t remember, asked me where I lived. I said, “Yo soy gringo.” (I’m a gringo.) He laughed and asked if I lived here. I said I did, in Boquerón. “Ah,” he said with a sly smile, “then you’re a ‘Chiringo’.”

I can live with that.


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6 responses to “Mi Libro en Español

  1. Ken Hulme

    Hola Chiringo!
    Just because I don’t reply, doesn’t mean I don’t follow! Very nice. Nice to be honored too.

  2. Hi Richard:

    Congratulations. Now your book is bilingual. I’m happy for this event. Also first time I hear the expression “Chirigringo”. It sound nice and very appropriate, I might add.

    That’s very much how my graduation thesis looked when I graduated at ULACIT, only it was blue with golden letters. Yep, I know how proud you and Stephany Michell Peñaloza must feel. Great job.



  3. Alex

    Awesome!! Congratulations to Stephany on her 100. Congratulations on your acceptance to the Chiringo community. You make our province a better place, a more interesting place, a richer place. Keep up that good work.

  4. Jane

    Not bad Richard…published writer and now an internationally published one as well….congrats!!! Keep up the steady work. Jane

    I don’t know about the internationally published part. As far as I know there may not be more than three copies of the Spanish version in existence; mine, Stephany’s and one for the school. As to being a published writer, I’ve been that for a long time. My very first published By-Line was way back in 1964 in the Cape Cod Standard-Times. It was a story about an American bald eagle being sited at Arey’s pond in Orleans. For the following ten years after that I had dozens of magazine articles published on a wide variety of subjects including a couple of lurid tales in “True Police Cases.” Despair! is the only book I’ve ever written though I’ve edited two others which are on sale at Amazon.com.

  5. What a wonderful story – and a new word to dress it up! “Chiringo” – I really like that!

    Congratulations to Stephany, and kudos to you for being involved as you are. It’s great!