It’s Nice To Be Quoted

As a blogger, one of the things I do is follow other people’s blogs. And I make comments on their posts as the spirit moves, as people do here. Naturally I have a morning routine with my coffee of reading the latest news and then checking out my favorite blogs. One of the more thought provoking, and well-written, blogs is: Each post is finely crafted and as the subtitle says, her work is “A Writer’s On-Going Search For Just The Right Word.” It’s obvious that she spends considerable time to achieve that goal. Which leaves me scratching my head as to why she follows my collection of, essentially, first drafts. But she does, and she’s left more comments than anyone else. Two hundred and eighty six of them to my 504 posts. Thanks, Linda. And while she obviously follows my trash I’ve never figured out why I’ve never made her “blog roll.”

Naturally there are a number of Panama blogs I compulsively follow. My friend Omar chronicles Panama City with his photographer’s eye…. Omar is Panamanian but his use of the English language is practically flawless. If I were to spend the next 50 years here I’d never come close to matching his fluency with his language as he has done with mine. Omar logs in at #2 for leaving comments here though he lags Linda by some 216. But perhaps that’s because Omar and I frequently email each other.

To keep up with things going on here around David it’s essential to check out Don Ray’s

And then there’s Richard Detrich’s contribution… He lives up in the hills above Boquete where he has a coffee plantation he maintains when he’s not off traipsing around the world as a port lecturer on cruise ships. He’s written a couple of books, and one would be of special interest to anyone considering a move to Panama…

Richard’s posts are often thought-provoking and inspire me to leave a comment now and then. Today, reading his latest contribution, I find that he’s incorporated one of my comments on a previous post to emphasize today’s subject. It’s nice being quoted.




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2 responses to “It’s Nice To Be Quoted

  1. Hi Richard:

    Thanks a bunch for your kind comments about my blog. I appreciate that. It’s always a pleasure to read your stuff, which is obviously not crap as you say. I agree with you regarding the quality of Linda’s blog and Chiriquí Chatter. The latter is a must if you want to know what is going on in the proud Province of Chiriquí and of the country in general.



  2. Well, my goodness! That’s awfully kind of you to mention my blog, Richard!
    And no need to denigrate your blog – you’ve got an eclectic mix of stuff I love to read about – boats, Louisiana, music, another culture. What could be better? Well, maybe those photos and videos of the birds… maybe.

    You know, it’s funny about the blog roll. Most of the blogs I read most faithfully aren’t on it. When I first started, I put up anything, just to have something there. Then, one day, I noticed many of my links led to blogs that hadn’t been updated in six months – that wasn’t good! I culled those out, added a few photography and visual arts blogs, and there it sits.
    You’ve reminded me that getting that blogroll straightened out and updated is still on my to-do list, although it keeps slipping to the bottom.

    Completely off-topic: While I was browsing my friend ella’s recipes, I found her way of making cold-brewed iced coffee. Easy-peasy, as they say. Mix 1/2 c ground coffee with 2 c. water in a jar or whatever. Let it sit around for at least 12 hours at room temperature. Strain (I use a metal strainer and a paper coffee filter), and chill.

    It’s stronger than you’d think – I cut mine half and half with milk and add ice, or add a little water. I get about four cups out of that one batch. There’s no bitterness at all, and with my current roast, there are little hints of chocolate. Great as the weather warms up!

    Interesting…I always liked those little bottles of Starbuck’s Mocha Latte in the 7-11. Think I’ll give this a shot. When I go do my grocery shopping Wednesday I’ll pick up some of Omar’s favorite Duran Cafe and give it a try. I’m not sure I’m ready to experiment with $10/lb coffee that I grind up myself.