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I miss not having a dog around. Sure, they’re often a pain in the pooper what with having to feed them regularly, take them for walks, bathe and groom them. All that sort of thing. But here at the house in BoquerĂ³n my lease says I can’t have pets without the consent of the owner. Well the owner lives in Texas so I just ignore them and have pets anyway. No, not a dog, a cat or a kinkajoo. There was a rabbit out on the lawn a couple of nights ago but I’d rather eat one than have one as a pet.

No, the pets I have came to live me of their own volition. Small, funny, common house geckos. I mean, with the exception of house flies, how can you not love something that’s able to walk as easily on the ceiling as on the floor?

There’s no need to feed them. They feed themselves and with the exception of spiders, you’ve never seen a place for spiders like Panama, they eat all the bugs that find there way inside the house.

Yesterday, though, I had an uninvited intruder who probably wanted to be a pet, too, but since these animals are vegetarians it wouldn’t pay its weight around here.

It took me nearly half an hour chasing after the intruder with a broom before I was finally able to get it outside and it didn’t seem to take rejection well.


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