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Rain In The Dry Season

According to all the books the “rainy” season isn’t supposed to start for another month or so. There have been some practice sessions the last couple of weeks, though. Heavy cloud cover in the afternoons. Thunder has rattled around bouncing from one mountain to another as I think I mentioned in a post recently. But yesterday afternoon, shortly after returning from my weekly meeting with some other gringos who get together to work on our Spanish and a shopping trip where I bought a cheap still camera, the sky turned dark gray, a cannon shot of thunder shook the windows and Mother Nature let loose.

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It rained like that from about three o’clock in the afternoon until I went to bed around 11:00.

Recently I posted some pictures of the trees in the back yard, one of which looked to have succumbed to the drought in spite of frequent watering. The good news, though, is that one of the lime trees is going to have a lot of fruit this year. The fragrance of the blossoms wafts all the way to the front porch.

Rum here in Panama is excellent and inexpensive. I guess I’ll have to buy a blender for the house so I can make daiquiris when all those flowers turn to fruit.

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