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Follow Up Questions

Remember when I posted this picture and asked what was wrong with it?

My morning routine includes a wonderful mug of Finca Ruiz coffee which is grown just a few miles away from Boquerón, checking my emails and reading a few of my favorite blogs. One of them is RichardDetrich.com. This morning he had this picture by Rubens in his post…

And there’s this one by Lucas Cranach the Elder…

Same problem. If one takes the Bible literally, and believes that “God took some clay from the ground and made the shape of a man.Then He breathed gently into the shape.The man’s eye’s opened and he began to live. God called him Adam…” and that “God took a rib from Adam’s side and made a woman.” Why do these paintings show Adam and Eve with navels?

Which leads us to the inevitable questions of, if God created man in his own image, does God have a navel? If so, why?


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