Olympic Speeds

Okay, the 2012 Summer Games are over. I didn’t get to watch any of them since I don’t have a television here. Sure, I could sign up for a service that would bring 200 channels into the house and there’d still be nothing to watch.

Like everyone else I have a morning “to read” list of sites while I’m having my eye-opener mug of Finca Ruiz coffee. After checking my emails one of the first places I go is http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/. A fine place with lots of neat stuff about small, mostly home-made boats.

One of the regular contributors is a guy named Jim Michalak. He designs some pretty neat boats. In fact I bought a couple of his plans though I doubt they’ll ever get built by me. In his most recent newsletter he made some observations about the speeds attained by athletes in various sports. Did you know that a sprinter who runs the 100 meter dash in 9 seconds is hitting a speed of…well, go to his newsletter and find out for yourself.



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