Strict Interpretation of the Constitution

Most  21st century conservatives (including Supreme Court Justices Alito and Thomas) believe that all laws should rely on the strict interpretation of, and the original intent of, the framers of the Constitution that was written in 1787.

After careful consideration, and in light of the recent slaughter or innocents by automatic weaponry in the past few weeks, and the fact that there are over 30,000 (that’s right, folks, THIRTY THOUSAND!!!) homicides by firearms annually in the U.S., I believe those people are right and that a strict interpretation and the original intent of the Second Amendment to the Constitution should be made mandatory.

That’s what they had in mind, NOT this…

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  1. Andres Espino Dennison

    GOOD POST… It does make one stop and think. First the founding fathers wanted protection for the citizenry against a tyrannical government.. and second a gun was necessary first as a means of obtaining food and then as protection for ones family. A fully armed militiaman (or pirate of the day) would have had one musket and maybe a brace (pair) of pistols. Each would only fire about 1 round a minute between reloading. The founding fathers would not have imagined assault weapons of out day that can fire hundreds or thousands of rounds in a short time. They would have been like the atomic bomb to them.,, weapons of mass destruction. I have always been a gun owner and in younger years active in the NRA. I live in a state with ‘the right to carry’ meaning anyone can carry a pistol providing it is not concealed and many cowboys wear them when riding in the desert. Now I cannot see any reason for the individual to be able to have automatic assault weapons, grenades and body armor. I think hunting as well as fishing are part of American heritage as well as trap shooting on controlled ranges as a sport. I think the law needs to be looked at again and guns allowed consistent with the needs of the sport. I also think we need to consider the needs and types of guns by police. That last incident in NY showed all the bystanders were struck by police bullets.. not the assailant. Abraham Lincoln was once challenged to a duel and when given choice of weapons he said “cowshit at ten paces” to which his opponent walked off in disgust.

    I don’t care what the NRA says, you DON’T NEED to own an AK47 with a 50-shot magazine to kill Bambi’s mom.

    One of my ancestors was Stephen Decatur, one of the most popular men of his time. The youngest person to EVER be a captain in the U.S. Navy, and was probably on his way to being president of the country before he was killed in a duel at the age of 41. He is also the author of what I consider to be one of dumbest quotes beloved by conservatives in this country… “Our Country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but right or wrong, our country!” How many young men and women of our country have died when our country has been in the wrong? Does Iraq ring any bells?