My Translator’s A Champion!

Saying that the United States has had an influence on the Republic of Panama is an horrific understatement. You can see the Gringo influence right down to the playing fields of Panama. While soccer (fútball) dominates most of the world baseball rules in Panama. Philadelphia Phillies All-Star catcher, Carlos Ruiz, hails from right here in David and has a World Series ring. You certainly can’t overlook Mariano Rivera. Twelve-time All Star pitcher and five times World Series winner with an 18-year career with the New York Yankees. He is MLB’s all-time leader in saves (608) and games finished (892). While I’ve never followed baseball, names like Juan Berenguer, and Rod Carew really don’t send you to Wikipedia to find out what sport they play.

In the last couple of years American-style football has been making inroads into the sporting scene here in Panama. There aren’t any Panamanians, that I know of, playing in the NFL, but who knows what will happen a few years down the road? One of the girls who translated my book, Stephany Peñaloza, has been posting photos on her Facebook page about a local girl’s flag football team here in Chiriquí. Recently they went to the Province of Veragua and played for the championship of LCFA flag football. They won, and Stephany is their quarterback! (#11 for the girls with the yellow and black jerseys.

Now, if they get into the Lingerie League, I’d pay to go to their games.

Congratulations, Stephany and all the girls on the Wildcats’ team!


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2 responses to “My Translator’s A Champion!

  1. Andres Espino Dennison

    I noticed the same thing when I was in Dominican Republic. Baseball is king there and American football is playing a fast catchup. I bet Panama and the DR are a lot alike in many aspects.

    Some great players have come from the DR…the Alou brothers, Felipe, Jesus and Mattty, come to mind as does Cesar Cedeno. There’s a REAL long list.

    Yes, there are a lot of similarities between Panama and the DR…like they both speak Spanish and eat a lot of beans and rice…just sayin’. At least we don’t get hurricanes here.

  2. Stephany Peñaloza

    Thank you so much!!! That was my first time as a quaterback, but I did a great job! My team “WildCats” are the first Flag Champions of the “Liga Chiricana de Football Americano (Copa Miller Lite)”. After that league, we were invited to Veraguas to play against the Gladiators from Veraguas and the Warrior Queens from Chitre, and we won those games too 😀

    You and your team did a GREAT JOB! Of course I saw the photos of the team you posted on Facebook through the season and thought, “wow, that’s cool that they’re playing American football,” but I didn’t know you girls were a powerhouse team.

    Flag football is pretty popular for both men and women of all ages in the States, especially since the regular version with helmets and pads is very expensive. Kind of neat to see it catching on here in Panama.