Yipee, It’s Raining!

We’re deep into the middle of the “dry” season here in Panama. It’s only rained a couple of times since the wonderful fireworks displays of Christmas Eve and New Years, and it usually stays dry until sometime at the end of April or early May. The afternoons have been incredibly hot. I rarely use the air conditioning which is why I’ve come up with a couple of $8 electric bills. For the most part I’m very comfortable if I’m in some shade with a breeze blowing, but over the last month I’ve shut the doors and windows around two or three in the afternoon and cranked up the a/c.

Everyone’s lawns have taken on the color of a shredded wheat biscuit with tiny hints of green poking though like bits of mold. The river, only a few yards away from the house has been silent and normally I can hear it running over the rocks but recently it’s been nearly dry, and you can easily walk across it in quite a few places without getting your feet wet. A patina of fine dust coats everything inside and out.

Yesterday morning when I got up it was gloomy. I thought it was just breaking dawn and was surprised that it was nearly eight thirty, and I almost never sleep that late. It stayed overcast all day which moderated the heat of the afternoon and a couple of times a few drops of rain fell, but only a very few. Not enough to wet anything down.

This morning it was also overcast, but a slow, steady rain was falling and it still is three hours later. What’s remarkable is that almost instantly the lawn, which was 95% brown is now more than half green as the rain soaks down to the roots of the grass. I doubt that the dry season is over, yet, but it’s nice to see some rain again.


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2 responses to “Yipee, It’s Raining!

  1. Hello Richard:

    Last night it rained for about thirty minutes. I think it was about two o’clock in the morning. Today has been an overcast day very cool and windy. I think the rainy season is around the corner. I love rain when everything is green and flowers are fresh and bright.



    We got quite a bit of rain. As I said, it was raining when I woke up and it rained until almost one o’clock in the afternoon. A steady, light rain that the plants and trees in the yard needed and, I’m sure, enjoyed. Like you, I love the rainy season and the bright green of the countryside.

  2. My neighbor said there was a storm in Costa Rica and we got the fringes of it. I was hoping the rainy season was coming early but no, it seems to be back to normal summer weather again today.