Easter: Be Careful With Your Children

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March 31, 2013 · 6:00 am

3 responses to “Easter: Be Careful With Your Children

  1. Holy cow. You’re worse than I am.

    I take that as high praise.

  2. Andres Espino Dennison

    I have well meaning Christian neighbors.. where I have the boat stored actually.. who are dogmatic about everything being either from Pagan or Catholic sources and they abstain. They do not celebrate Halloween because it is Satanic, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving because most of the story about the Pilgrims is a lie, they do not Celebrate Christmas because Jesus was not really born on Dec 25th its really a pagan winter solstace holiday.. and Christmas trees are pagan idols. They do not celebrate new Years… and coming to Easter they believe it has its roots in pagan fertility rites. *SHEESH* Then they go on about the Antichrist being the Pope and that the Catholic church is the ruin of true Christianity. and the Whore Babylon of revelation. Actually there is very little about their brand of Christianity that would attract me to believe as they do.

    I have always believed that Jesus was an example of forgiveness and tolerance.. that people are all subject to failures and have their quirks and that God loves mankind anyway. These folks also believe that there will only be a remnant actually saved in the end.. 144,000 actually… who remain faithful. With this kind of dogma, I can see why they believe most of their members will fall away from the belief in the end. LOL

    You think THAT’S bad? I have a brother like that.

  3. Sheesh. Some people need to quit worrying about what other people do. Me? If there is any reason to have a good time, I’m all for it. Who would have thought Lucifer’s testicles would taste good? LOL