Cost of Living in Panama

One of the most often asked questions on forums about living in Panama is “How much does it cost to live there?” It’s sort of like asking, “How much does a car cost?” My answer to the cost of living question is always, “How much you got?”

But it IS less expensive for me to live here. Compared to what I was paying to share a duplex in Fort Lauderdale each month allows me to live here in Boquerón for more than THREE months.

Another savings is in electrical costs. Now, granted, the stove there in the States was electric (which I hated) and here I cook with gas ($5.50 for a 20 lb. bottle that lasts me three months or so). My electric bill in Fort Lauderdale always ran about $125/month. Yesterday (Sept. 24th) I got my electric bill for the month of August. It was for $8.91!

I LOVE it here.


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2 responses to “Cost of Living in Panama

  1. Yep! You definitely can have a good life for a lot less here.

  2. capt dan

    But Richard, you are currently denied the enjoyment of the enormous traffic jams and kamikaze Cuban drivers in Ft. Lauderdale. I refuse to go there, even when it’s cheaper than flying out of the Palm Beach airport. Always enjoy hearing how clever you are dealing with the myriad of systems in Panama. Cooking with gas rules! Wish I had it, but don’t .