Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

It’s All Cool – Tranquilo Time

Just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean animals are stupid. They know when things are cool.


The horse belongs to a family around the corner. They tie her up in various places around the neighborhood so she can graze on the grass. In the past two years I’ve never seen her lying down anywhere. But she must have felt that it was safe to take a load off for a while in my yard.

The dog came limping into my yard about a year ago with a broken leg. Nobody in the neighborhood had ever seen her before. Naturally I took her to the vet to get her taken care of, and I bought a large bag of dog food at PriceSmart (Panama’s answer to Costco). Of course, once you feed them they’re yours. They don’t leave. But she’s cool. Laid back. Doesn’t bother anyone. She also loves the horse, and when the young man who takes care of her rides her around, the dog loves to lope along with them. I also took the dog to one of the spay/neuter clinics that are held around the area. Panama doesn’t need any more unwanted puppies.


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