For the past two years I’ve been getting my internet connection via an USB connection (it’s that white thing sticking out of the computer on the right side) from a wireless phone company here called Claro.

IMG_0478It’s been okay and was a suitable solution while I was living in the old house. Two years ago when I moved in there weren’t any companies around that would hard wire the house at a reasonable price so I went with Claro. It costs $40.80/month for sucky connection speed (300-500kps). The downside of that is trying to watch any video streams. Almost impossible. Shortly after I moved here to Boquerón I tried to download a rental movie. It took 14 hours! Needless to say, I didn’t try doing it a second time.

Last week the company Cable Onda swept through the neighborhood offering to hook everyone up with a special two-month deal. You could get cable t.v., 5mbs internet service and home phone service for just $29.24/month after which the price would go up to $41.95/month. Pretty much all of my neighbors signed up, but I hesitated, wanting to check the company out. Through my research it seems they provide good service in the area, so I called their rep up and signed on.

Now, it’s been two years since I’ve had television access. Can’t say I’ve missed it much, but since I could get the t.v. and the internet all in a small bundle for what I’ve been paying Claro for their slow service, I signed up for the t.v., too. Tuesday I went into town and bought a 24″ LED t.v. set. I figure if most of the programming is in Spanish, perhaps I’ll learn more by osmosis. Who knows? They just finished up installing my service a few minutes ago. This is my t.v.

IMG_0479Thumbed through the channels and was surprised a lot of the programming was in English.

But it’s the internet connection I really wanted. Going to some YouTube vids they streamed seamlessly, so I’ll probably be renting a lot of movies in the future. I bought a router so now I can download books to my tablet without having to go to the InfoPlaza or the bus terminal to access their wifi.


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4 responses to “Succumbed

  1. john

    Great info!
    We are former sailer’s as well. Sailed San Francisco in 2001 down through Central America via the canal then on to Florida over a 3 year period.
    Our favorite country was and is Panama.
    We will be arriving in David on Sunday staying in and around the area for two weeks. ( Our second trip)

    How do you like the Boqueron area?

    Maybe we can meet up?

    John & Susan Pazera

  2. Capt Dan

    Glad to hear it’s getting better for internet access for you. Just as a point of reference, I pay about $30 a month for 32 mbps from Comcast. I have a carambola tree in my backyard that’s producing hundreds of star fruits. Would you consider a trade for avocados? What would the exchange rate be according to you?

  3. We have Cable Onda and it’s worked great for us. Welcome to the world of TV 😀 We don’t watch it either but good internet is important.