George (Putting the W into AWOL) Bush Was An IDIOT…

Here’s proof…

Yes, I am unaplogetically liberal, and if you don’t like it, bite me…And don’t forget, you can write comments telling me I’m wrong, but it’s MY BLOG and they’ll never see the light of day. The First Amendment doesn’t apply here. It only means the government won’t put you in jail for what you say. It DOESN’T absolve you of the fate of me telling you you’re a twatwaffle for your beliefs.


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2 responses to “George (Putting the W into AWOL) Bush Was An IDIOT…

  1. capt dan

    Geeze Richard, I don’t want to argue about anything. I just like to hear what you’re up to in Panama. Hope I didn’t offend you again, didn’t mean to.

  2. I used to turn off the TV every time that face showed up. Blech, I think I’ll pass on watching him today too.
    I decided to totally ignore the news since coming here, and that definitely has improved my quality of life.
    Twatwaffle LOL