It’s Been Done

In a recent post ( I was ruminating about the possibility of building a scow-hulled shanty boat in modules, transporting them across the Isthmus and assembling them into a single entity rather than trying to build it all in one huge piece. I mean, they build aircraft carriers and huge ocean liners in pieces and put those together, why not something like a home-built shanty?

Well, I was surprised when this turned up in the comments section:

That turning over issue ….we had that too , and I built in ” modules ” too , then glued and bolted the whole mess together .You can see photos here :

regards , Trish and Harry in OZ

Unfortunately flickr won’t let me save a photo so I can post it here as a teaser, but I’ll tell you straight out, if the idea of having a houseboat/shanty boat intrigues you you REALLY need to click on the flickr link. There are a ton of pics and these people are going to have a great place to relax. This is a pic they sent me of where they intend to use the boat.

oz river

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