Computer History Lesson

My friend Omar who authors a Panama blog had an interesting post today:

That got me thinking about a series of videos I’d seen that originally appeared on PBS called The Triumph of the Nerds. A tremendous documentary about the early days of the computer industry. I’d seen it a couple of times on television but, thanks to the wonders of YouTube I spent the last three hours watching it again…

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  1. I just completed viewing the three videos. It brought back pleasant memories when I started using computers in the early eighties. My first computer was an Apple II-E. Most, if not all the names in the videos were familiar to me. I’m fortunate for living during the period when the personal computer industry was born and developed into what it is now.

    The tablet, which is the latest manifestation of a computer, is sitting on a small table beside an Amazon Kindle. We are living in an almost magical period of time. It’s almost like liviing the life of the Jetsons, if you know what I mean.