An Honor

Back the last week in September our little community of Boquerón celebrated the feast day of its patron saint San Miguel. A little old man, Jorge Luis Ríos, who lives just up the main road from me said he was putting together a small magazine and he wanted me to write an article for it. He and I talk a couple of times a week and he knows that I was a newspaper reporter way, way, way back, and I lent him the Spanish version of my book which he said he enjoyed. He must have because every time we are on the bus together going in to David (DahVEED) he tells everyone around that I’ve written a book.. Sr. Ríos is a radio journalist reporting on farm news for Radio Chiriquí. So, I gave him about a thousand words in a little article titled “Mi Boquerón” (My Boquerón). He produced a 14-page magazine (revista in Spanish).


My story was extremely heavily edited, but parts of it were quoted…



On the facing page is a national hero here in Panama and the Pride of Boquerón, without a doubt…


It’s an honor to be in such good company and definitely an honor to appear as the only extranjero (foreigner) in this community’s celebration of their year. I think it’s called assimilation.



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5 responses to “An Honor

  1. John & Susan Pazera

    Really cool Richard.
    It is wonderful how you have blended in with your neighbors/friends and family!

    Not to pat myself on the back, but I think it is, too.

  2. indacampo

    They kept the best parts about why Boquerón is such a marvelous place to live. I like the part about keeping it clean, nice touch and an important message to keep repeating. 🙂

    There are very few things I don’t like here in Panama and the way they throw stuff on the ground is one of them. When you look around this beautiful country you don’t want to look at the ground. It’s like dad said to his family, “Lets all get in the car, drive around and throw shit out the windows…”

    Sometimes when I mention this I get a snotty, “Are things better in “Los Estados?” And I have to say, “With a few exceptions, yes, yes they are. But you know, it took an entire generation to change people’s way of thinking and for them to stop throwing everything on the ground. And you can do it here, too, but you have to start with the kids.” (Of course I say it in my mangled Spanish but the people almost always agree with that.

  3. Wow, felicidades! That is very cool.

    Not to pat myself on the back, but I think it is, too.

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    My friend and fellow blogger has an article in the local magazine from his area. I think this is very cool.

  5. Joy

    Yes indeed ASSIMILATION It is and how wonderful . To unite in friendship and common goals knows no bouderies.
    I look forward to making a start in that pattern when we Canadians venture forth next month on our first trip to Panama.

    As the late Johnny Olson on The Price Is Right used to say…”COME ON DOWN!”