Still Around

No, I haven’t died.

No, I haven’t given up on blogging.

Nothing noteworthy has been happening.

I get up in the morning, drink a cup, sometimes two, of locally-grown coffee. A couple of times a week I go into DahVEED and do some grocery shopping. I surf the net. I read. I listen to a book from Audible on my smartphone. I go to bed and then do it all over again the next day.

Next month I’ll have stuff to write about. The owner of the house I rent, his wife and her sister are coming down for a couple of weeks from Texas and I’m going to try and go through the process of changing my “carnet,” which looks sort of like a cheaply-laminated high school I.D. card to an E (extranjero) cedula.

That’s it.


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3 responses to “Still Around

  1. Hey! Thanks for the update. It’s good to see you. In a way, our routines are pretty much the same, except that I brush the cat while I’m drinking my coffee and I do a little more varnishing than you do.

    It feels like the tropics here this morning. After a prolonged period of hot and dry, we’ve got wonderful rains: enough that I’ve been able to replenish my plants’ rainwater supply. I keep enough for a month’s worth of watering, since my plants don’t really like the water-treatment chemicals they’re using here now.

    Carry on!

  2. gb

    I lurk your blog, and enjoy your tales. Keep them coming!

  3. jmjatlanta

    Great writing. Keep it up! Loved the story of the canal crossing. Moved to Boquerón last month with my wife. I won’t say I like it because I don’t want to attract the undesirables. 🙂