Musical Interlude

Some songs simply have a life of their own. Great from the moment the first note pealed out. One of my favorites is the old Jackie Wilson song, “Higher and Higher.” EVERYBODY has tried to cover it. This evening I was watching some YouTube vids done by the great Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain when they covered the song. That made me remember seeing The Mint Juleps, a group of British girls who sing acapella who blew the Neville Brothers (one of my favorite groups ever) off the stage when they opened for the Nevilles at the Juan Les Pins Jazz Fest in Juan-Les-Pins, France in 1990. Never knew even Bruce Springsteen did his own cover. Here, if you can endure it, is a collection…

How great is this version. Not many of today’s entertainers have talent like these two…It’s almost as if they were actually dancing to the song.

And the one that got me started on this riff….

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