Death In The Afternoon

I live DEEP in the swamp off the Saint Johns River in DeBary, central Florida. When I say DEEP I mean my boat is tied to the bank of a canal more than three miles to the nearest paved road. There are, needless to say, LOTS of critters wandering around out here. My neighbor tosses dried corn around his area and wild turkeys, both hens and toms, wander by my boat every day to go scratch out a meal at Lee’s place. Of course there are racoons and white tail deer are in no danger of being labeled an “endangered species” here. When I go to civilization I see them all the time. Last Friday I saw three of them on the way out of the swamp and four on my way back home. Granted, some of those could have been among the first I saw that day, but I saw seven does nonetheless. 

THIS guy was within 20 feet of my boat about a month ago…151927758_175997260677543_3779922185343288497_n


There are also tons of alligators swimming nearby. 

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