Richard’s Renegade Rant from The Swamp (3/11/2022)

For the most part I am unapologetically liberal when it comes to politics. Essentially I hate, yes, the dreaded “H” word, conservatives of every stripe. It was not always so. ..

I grew up in the little town of Orleans, Mass., out where the forearm of Cape Cod juts into the cold waters of the North Atlantic. My parents were staunch Republicans and like children the world over I became what my parents were. In 1960 JFK might have raked in a couple of dozen votes in Orleans. If that many. I cast my first presidential vote for Barry Goldwater. I distrusted LBJ like the good Republithug I’d been brought up to be. Though I didn’t take part in them I was living in Chicago during the 1968 convention and was appalled by what I saw. My second presidential ballot was cast for Richard Nixon. I could never have voted for Hubert Humphrey no matter what. A president with the first name of Hubert? Come on! Plus he’d spent 4 years running around with his nose firmly embedded in LBJ’s butt crack.

But 1972 and Watergate was the breaking point and, with one single exception I never voted for a Republikunt ever again.

But I don’t cleave to the Progressive liberalism of the left, either. While I admire her greatly I call bullshit on Michell Obama’s philosophy of “When they go low, we go high.” You CAN NOT be nice with the rightwing bullies. They don’t understand “Nice.” To them being Nice is a form of weakness. The only way to fight the right wing is to be as nasty and ruthless as they are…gouge their eyes out…kick them squarely in the gonads…choke them…battle them wherever they are found and NEVER SURRENDER!!!

In general, don’t tell me what to do, and that includes telling me to “have a nice day…”

If I boycotted everything the left wants me to I’d have starved by now. Sure, there are certain things I avoid because of the political intonations even though I love them dearly…Oreo cookies, for example.

But, living on the fixed income of Social Security I break some of the big rules. I buy my groceries at the local WalMart food market. Lots of people have said I should shop at Aldi’s but their prices almost alway match what Wally World offers, and the few cents in savings I’d get from shopping at Aldi’s would be eaten up in the price of the gasoline I’d burn up getting to that store. So Wally wins even though I begrudge every single cent the Walton kids get from my purchases.

Another big “No-No” for committed left wingers is using Amazon. But I do it all the time and there’s a reason. It effin’ WORKS!!! Take today, for example. The other day I got a new Medic Alert medallion that specifies Do Not Resuscitate…But the chain that came with it was pure crap. There’s a 70% chance of rain today here in Central Florida so I got out early to get things done. I went to (boo – hiss) Wally World. They had a “Fine Jewelry” department. What they need is an “OK jewelry” department. There were no necklaces. Then I drove to a Walgreens. TWO OF THEM. They always had a display of Medic Alert jewelry at the Walgreens and CVS stores I went to when I was anchored off of Anna Maria Island. Not here. In fact, when I asked where the display might be at the first one I went to they said they don’t carry them anymore. Target’s jewelry department didn’t have anything nor did the pawn shop I popped into. However, back on my boat here in The Swamp I found one that seems to fit the fill and for about $20. And if it sucks I can return it no questions asked.

So there you have it for today.

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