Some Things from The Swamp

I see on the news on line that much of the country from the midwest to New England is going through some rough winter weather. We’re feeling some of the side effects here in The Swamp off the Saint Johns River in Central Florida.

Yesterday our afternoon temperature was in the mid 80sF. Today, Saturday, 3/12/2022 we might get up to the mid 70s. But then things are going to drop like lies from a conservative Republithugs lips and will get down to the low 30s though not hitting freezing, thank heaven for small favors. I’d switched over to the light sleeping bag a few nights ago but will be crawling into the cold-weather sleeping bag tonight.

The wind is really honking. I’m pretty well sheltered where I’m moored. The trees on either side of the canal are a good 30-40 feet tall and act as a good wind break. BUT the wind’s blowing almost directly out of the west and tooting right down the canal and moving the boat around quite a bit. According to one weather site the wind here in DeBary, where the canal is located, is steady at around 20 mph but it’s frequently gusting into the mid 30 mph range.

That’s still better than down off Anna Maria Island where I’d anchored for 4 years. There, the wind is steady at the mid 30 mph range and gusting up into the mid 40s. I went through a lot of that. And it’s out of the north so the general anchorage will be rough as a cob. Down where I was at the Coquina North Boat Ramp the water was shallower and not as uncomfortable. But with the wind like that I’d be confined to the boat. It would be impossible to row my cockleshell dinghy the hundred plus yards from the ramp. I’m not confined like that here in The Swamp, but I’m not going anywhere here today, either.

I can’t leave without adding this:

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