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Pedrigal Off the List

In the search for a place to live on a boat in Panama I saw that the area around Pedrigal has lots of rivers and islands. It’s on the Pacific side of Panama where the tidal range is about 19 feet. I went down there today despite the negative comments I’ve had about the place. They were right.

The marina is very small with floating docks.


The water is brown and when the tide is out it’s muddy all around and the mangroves would be a mosquito factory


There’s a nice restaurant at the marina. I had the mixed seafood platter consisting of shrimp, fish fingers (I didn’t even know fish had hands to get fingers from) and calamari. If calamari is cooked too long it’s sort of like chewing on rubber bands, but these were done just right…tasty and tender. After the Jubilado discount the dinner was $6.60.


The town itself isn’t much to look at and some of the houses are pretty bad…


But across the street was a flowering tree I’d never seen before


Bus trip back to Panama City tomorrow and plane ride back to Fort Lauderdale Saturday.


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