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Sail Pricing Guide

As readers of this blog know I intend on building a houseboat/shantyboat when I move to Panama and want to equip it with a sail for auxiliary power. Of course I’m going to need to have a dinghy and will probably go with some form of “instant boat” design. I want it to have the option of oar, small outboard and sail for powering. But how much are those sails going to cost? I recently found this site while surfing. It’s: http://www.sailritesails.com/

There is a list of about a gazillion different boats to choose from. They even have my old Kaiser26 (though they call it a Kaiser 25) which amazed me since John Kaiser only built 26 of them. I had hull #24.

Click on the boat you own, or want to, and the site will tell you how much each sail for that boat will cost…main, genoa, jib, spinnaker, etc., and all the options available for each sail: fabric choices, reefing choices, etc. Sailrite has two locations: Indiana and Annapolis.

Their main home site, accessable by a tab at the top of their page offers a huge range of other sailing gear.

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